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Berringa is an Australian owned and based company known for producing top quality manuka honey. With over two decades of operation, it sources only 100% Australian honey with a focus on high quality. From eucalyptus to 'super manuka' high potency medicinal honey, Australian Berringa honey is in worldwide demand.

Berringa tracks the actual manuka honey MGO levels for each of its jars, utilising independent batch testing at certified Australian Government NATA laboratories to verify the manuka honey rating. So you can be assured you get what you pay for.

STRENGTH MGO (antibacterial)* UMF**
MILD MGO 120 + 10-12
MEDIUM MGO 220 + 13-15
HIGH MGO 400 + 18-20
ULTRA-HIGH MGO 900 + 32-35
Note: Approximate measurement shown to the nearest value.
*/** Ref: Atrott J. and Henle T. Methylglyoxial in Manuka Honey - Correlation with Antibacterial Properties.
Czech J.Food Sci Vol.27, 2009, Special Issue

The team behind Berringa are big advocates and supporters of sustainable farming, working closely with beekeepers to ensure that correct farming practices are followed.

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