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Nuferm was founded by best-selling health author Don Chisholm to provide nutrition to those who needed it most: that is, to everybody.

Don has spent a lifetime researching what hinders people from getting well.

Why does one treatment work on one person but not on another? Why do some people lose weight easily and others cannot, in spite of exercise and good diet? What does health and wellbeing really mean?

Nuferm goes by the fundamental principle: "We are not what we eat: we are what we absorb."

With a multitude of external factors including internal toxins, EMFs, radiation, pesticides, sugars, alcohol, GMO and processed foods impacting our bodies, it is vital to give our gut the nutrition it requires to heal itself from the damage caused. Nuferm's flagship product is a whole foods powder with added probiotics which include readily absorbable 'good' bacteria (such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus) to aid the gut.

Nuferm products are free from chemicals and gluten and derived from organic food ingredients.

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