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Vabori is an Australian, family-owned company offering delicious-tasting, high-strength liquid extract of olive leaf, with ingredients grown, manufactured and produced right here in Australia.

Olive leaf extract benefits your health by strengthening your immunity, so you can take the olive leaf extract for colds and flu prevention or treatment, especially at suseptible times when germs abound. Other powerful benefits include treating bacterial and fungal infections, increasing brain cognition, supporting heart health and lowering blood pressure.

Many other extracts of olive leaf use either reconstituted powders or dried up leaves from Spain or China. Most of these do not support sustainable farming methods and cannot be traced back to the source. By buying Vabori, you are supporting an Australian company which uses responsible methods of farming (non spray). Vabori has their own plantation so knows precisely where their ingredients have originated. Vabori also avoids having to use alcohol and harmful preservatives.

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