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Synergy Natural ORGANIC Chlorella Powder 500g Zoom

Synergy Natural ORGANIC Chlorella Powder 500g

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Quick Overview

Chlorella is:
•A single celled, microscopic freshwater plant – a green superfood made by Nature
•A highly nutritionally dense food
•The most popular supplement used by the Japanese, the longest living race
•Has higher levels of chlorophyll than all other known plants
•Has major vitamins, trace and macro minerals, antioxidants, protein, iron, all the essential amino acids, nucleic acids, essential fatty acids and more.
•Non-toxic and perfect for keeping and regaining health
•A healthy, cleansing whole food supplement for our nutrient deficient western diet.
•Potent food source of calcium, iron, and chlorophyll
•Ideal for supporting demanding sports training programs
•Australian Certified Organic

Chlorella assists with detoxifying the body against heavy metals (such as mercury, cadmium, lead and copper) and PCBs, uranium and dioxin.

Chlorella also helps with improving digestion, strength, enhancing mental clarity and promoting a healthy acid / alkaline balance in the body.

Straight after the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine, chlorella was used as the supplement most likely to help detoxify those people who were heavily poisoned with radioactive fallout.

Chlorella is approximately 58% protein and includes all the essential amino acids vital to supporting humans. It contains over three times the amount of protein from beef. It also has a compound named ‘Chlorella Growth Factor’ which research has shown to promote normal cell growth and boost immunity. It has also been researched for its anti-aging properties.

Where Does Chlorella Come From?
Synergy Chlorella is organically and ecologically grown in shallow, big, nutrient-rich freshwater ponds. It is then carefully "spray" dried in just seconds, which preserves its nutritional content. The cell walls are ‘cracked’ to help digestion and absorption. During packing, each bottle is flushed with nitrogen to eliminate oxidation thus preserving the nutrient and enzyme content. Nowhere in the process are fillers or additives ever used, so all that remains is 100% pure chlorella.
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