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Teelixir Cordyceps Superfood Mushroom 100gm Zoom

Teelixir Cordyceps Superfood Mushroom 100g

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Quick Overview

Cordyceps mushroom has an extended history of use as a food which promotes longevity. It is one of the gems of Chinese tonic herbalism. This phenomenal athlete's tonic enables you to build physical power, increase sexual vigour, vitality, mental energy and boost immunity.

Increases energy
Boosts libido
Brain power
Liver support
Kidney support
Hormone support
Boosts immunity
Improves Fitness

Teelixir Cordyceps mushroom is 100% vegan.

Cordyceps has a powerful balance of both Yin and Yang energy, so it is well tolerated by everybody and is safe to use over an extended period of time.

Wild Cordyceps are so rare, potent, and highly regarded that they’re worth more per ounce than gold. They are one of the most expensive herbs in the world, fetching in excess of $10,000 USD per kilogram. Today, modern “fermentation” technology has enabled us to grow cultivated Cordyceps at far lesser expense. Studies have shown that the cultivated variety shares all the same benefits and nutrients as wild Cordyceps and is just as potent and effective.

Cordyceps is a lung and kidney Jing tonic that is known to increase brain power and strengthen the structural integrity of the body–the lower back, the knees, and the ankles. Cordyceps is highly regarded by athletes for its ability to greatly improve performance, build physical power and strength, increase endurance, stamina and promote fast recovery.

Cordyceps mushroom was popularised in the West in 1993 when the Chinese women’s Olympic track and field team broke several world records. It was later discovered that they were using a secret formula during their vigorous training program with Cordyceps mushroom as the main component.

Cordyceps is one of the best sexual tonics, often used for impotence, sexual malaise, and frigidity. It’s a superb Liver tonic that increases vitality and mental energy. Its high polysaccharide (beta-glucans) content is what gives Cordyceps its potent immune-supportive power.

Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis Mushroom 10:1 Extract Powder*
* Liquid fermented (vegan base medium) CS-4 mycelium. No added fillers, grains or starch.
Real mushroom extract, not made from mycelium grown on grain.

Most functional mushroom products on the market today are cheap and ineffective mycelium grown on grain. Scientific analysis has discovered that mycelium grown on grain has low levels of beta-glucans (polysaccharides), undetectable levels of triterpenoids and very high levels of starch. Contrary to mycelium grown using liquid fermentation, mushroom products that are mycelium grown on grain produce minimal amounts of the important compounds contained in superfood mushrooms.

Potent 10:1 Extraction
This is a potent extract of Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms! Ten kilograms of Cordyceps mushrooms are used to produce one kilogram of this Cordyceps extract. This means a more potent and extra bang for your buck product that you can consume far less of while still enjoying its incredible benefits.

Teelixir Cordyceps sinensis mycelium extracts are grown using modern “fermentation” technology. This allows us to grow the mushroom mycelium in big liquid tanks to produce large quantities of the cultivated mushroom, very quickly and at a far cheaper cost than the wild material. Studies have shown that the cultivated variety shares similar nutritional benefits and a chemical profile closely related to the wild mushroom. They are considered just as potent and efficacious.

Healthy Dose
We recommend you begin with 1/2 tsp per day. This will provide you with 30 servings or a one-month supply in every 50g bag. If you know you are sensitive to herbs, you may want to start with 1/4 tsp. When you feel ready, increase your dosage according to your requirements. It is very safe to consume in high doses.

Disclaimer: All statements on this page have not been evaluated by the TGA and have not been recommended and are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
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