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The Nitric Factor by Vander Kraats 207g (Nitric Oxide) Zoom

The Nitric Factor by Vander Kraats 207g (Nitric Oxide)

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Brand: Nitric Factor - Vander Kraats
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Quick Overview

Nitric oxide's biggest effect on the body is to widen blood vessels, relaxing smooth muscle cells in vessel walls, especially in large veins and arteries to allow unimpeded blood flow. Every organ and cell in the body needs good blood flow to maintain good health, allowing nourishment and removal of toxins.

Healthy Nitric Oxide levels are needed to:

✓ Improve circulation
✓ Enhance sports performance
✓ Reduce muscle soreness
✓ Increase weight loss and metabolism
✓ Enhance cardiovascular health
✓ Prevent male impotence
✓ Improve blood pressure
✓ Reduce chronic inflammation
✓ Reduce oxidative stress
✓ Improve insulin resistance

The componenets of The Nitric Factor are:
AAKG, Citruline Malate, R S Lipoic Acid, and Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine when taken can increase Nitric Oxide levels. Nitric Oxide plays a key role in vascular function and blood flow.
Also contains natural flavouring (Fruit punch) and Stevia (natural sweetener).
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